Friday, December 31, 2010


hahaha..first tyme for 2011..
hope to be a great year


weih ini mybe the last post for 2010:))
hahaha aku sayang doeh taun nie..
mcm bnde trjadi..
happy ade sad pown ad...
am gonna miss this year bebeh..hahaha..
next year kene jdi senior yg baik laa..
pe2 pown gudbye 2010:))

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My sweetheart:)

woah i think i had just fall in love with u:)

bile kite boleh kahwen

x sabar doe..hahaha

28 dec 2010 :((

Last nite was a day to remember :(

only sempat for just 2 month..

hope tht u'll never forget me.

i will always be there for u.

but its okey just to be friend:)
thnx for being my gf:)

thank you MYAA KAMAL

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I want all of this:))

pliss tolong lahh dapat:))

who is this:DD

the blue one:P Siti Amirah Hanisah a.k.a MYAA

she's my girlfriend

she is cute , gedik n luv to manje2..haha

first tyme met at the midvalley..*kuar with caris n his geng

well that day, we get to know each other..but not that much..

get to know more after texting her a few days later..(she text first.haha)

like she said to me..
one sentence,
eight letters,
three words
i love you.

The Second That U say Hello:PP

Did you know you have a special way of turning around my terrible days?
You make all the bad things go away
the second that you say hello.

It's the way that you talk, that you laugh, that you smile.
If beauty was inches you'd go on for miles.
It's the way that you make everything seem worth while
the second that you say hello.

It's the way every love song reminds me of you.
Along with the stars and the sunset here too.
It's the way that you make the sky seem more blue
the second that you say hello.

So if love is a drug then i guess i'm addicted.
All i want is to have yours.
It's making my heart sick.
Goodbye is what broke it and you were what fixed it
the second that you said hello.

B13 wahai B13 my dorm after PMR:)

 macam2 kenangan aku didalam dorm yg serba hebat ini haha...
dorm  ni mmg happening lah dgn kendalian AHMAD NIZAM HILMAN sbgai ketua dorm..
kitorg dikenali sbgai dorm percusion sbb sbahagian besar budak dorm ni ahli percusion..
walaupun dorg nie selekeh but
they'll make my life happening gile..
aku yakin dorg sume leh pergi jauh dalam hidup dorg
pe2 pown gudluck guys..
jdi senior yg baek tau..
next year bawak pistol lagi..
fly dorm tanpa aku..waaa..x ajk laa sial
billy not this dorm :DD

leadar of the dorm:))
kenangan terindah

thanx to all:
t-boo ,  nije , wandag , zaid bonsh , akkif , arif budiman , cemal , te' 
chono , alim , kuji , danny(me) , hafiz

Buat kali pertama kuh:))

watcha my dad:)
Perghh for the first tyme aku buat blog siot...

actually aku tgk mmber2 aku buat mcm best jer..

so try laa layan bndalah nie..hahaha :DDD